The Beginning of Highly Educated

As the Creator and Founder of Highly Educated my goal was to bridge the stigma around cannabis through education that is both accessible and concise.

Being in the retail cannabis industry for over three years, I have noticed that it can be difficult to fully educate our consumers in a such a short interaction, with that being said I created Highly Educated.   

About Me

Over the years, I have had a pretty unique relationship with cannabis; however, after an accident in 2019 I was diagnosed with PNES ( psychogenic non- epileptic seizures ) and cannabis oil was the only product that seemed to give me any relief. Now, three years later, I have become an active cannabis enthusiast and advocate trying to spread an informed outlook on one of the most beneficial plants in the world.  

The Highly Educated Philosophy +  My commitment to you

 Unique product range

 Carefully curated pieces

 Diverse information 

Wholesale pricing 

Expert Customer Service 

“ Only through proper education, can we then, begin to remove the social stigma.” -Robert M. Hensel